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    Bunker Desk

    More Than Million $ procurement Through Portal
    Make Fuel Oil Procurement Simpler And Faster
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    Vendor Desk

    1000 vendors - 500 ports

    One Procurement Solution To Save Cost
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    Disbursement Accounting

    1000+ Successful Portcalls Around The Globe

    Handling million invoices And Saving Millions USD
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    Cash Management

    Managing 10 Million Disbursement Account

    Saving Millions in Forex, Reduce Cost
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    CP Solutions

    Multiple Contract Scrutiny
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    Voyage Manager

    Innovative Way

    To vessel tracking, EU-MRV position reporting system
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    Owner, Operator, Charterer, Broker

    Optimise OPEX, SOP, Automate Process
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    Suppliers, Agents, Vendors

    Brand visibility, More RFQ, Increased Business
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    24x7 Sales & Customer Support

    Call us anytime, we are here to help you
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    More Time

    For Operations Manager
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    Cross Verification

    of all the invoices
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    Check Vessel

    Performance & Position Report
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    Laytime Calculation

    To save Operator's Cost & Time

PortDesk Features

Disbursement Accounting
Disbursement Accounting

Operations Manager spend approximate 20% of their time in cumbersome process of paper work related to DA Compliances...

Port DA and Estimate
Port DA and Estimate

PortDesk provide an exclusive Port agency appointment process that facilitate port call cost estimate which help...

Disbursement Accounting
Cash Management

Today's complex and challenging business environment demands sophisticated cash management solutions, beyond the simple...

Vendor Appointment
Vendor Desk

PortDesk automate and manage the thousands of single balanced invoices which is not traditionally...

Vessel Performance & Position Reports
Voyage Manager

Now, when global shipping market is facing slow down, many owner and...

Laytime Calculations
Laytime Management

The Laytime calculations are often regarded as complicated and tedious tasks in the shipping industry involving a...

Charterer Party Services (CPDESK)
CP Solutions & Contract Mgmt.

Under PortDesk, we provide a comprehensive solution to our partners owners, charterer, brokers...

Offshoring Service
Bunker Desk

Bunker accounts for upto 70% of voyage operating costs for operators...

Offshoring Service
Integrated Maritime Commercial System (IMCS)

PortDesk is coming up with very advanced unique tool for freight calculations and commercial chartering module...

Portcost Redefined With Big Data Science

PD Analytics

First ever predictive analytics tools to manage all the portcost for owner, operator, charterer. It consider almost 250 parameter to analyse various port cost, vessel congestion and equipment allocation.


This predictive tools provide overall bunker fluctuation and their impact on the voyage profitability.


PDAIS utilizes artificial intelligence tools for vessel detection and tracking (VDT), incorporated with state estimation and trajectory prediction, which are important tasks for vessel navigational systems (VNSs), as well as vessel traffic monitoring and information systems to improve maritime safety. It works on evolutionary algorithm performed between various parameters.

PortDesk Objectives

We secure extensive measures to ensure that PortDesk manually safeguards all the customers, agents, vessels and their transactions to make sure that the business interests of our clients are well-protected.
We administer services to operators located in different parts of the world. With standardized procedures, we are able to ensure that our best practices are extended to every personnel in the Shipping industry.
We make sure that all information regarding updates in tariffs, charges and new facilities are shared with our clients so that they have complete knowledge about any changes in the costs. This helps our clients avoid any situation where they pay for the incorrect charges.
The founders of PortDesk strongly believe in work ethics which are built upon transparency of operations. With the clarity of our working activities and complete transparency in the services we provide, we are able to build a stronger and dedicated relationship with our clients.

Why choose us?

  • We have highly experienced team.
  • We work round the clock.
  • We reduce costs for our client.

We provide a single platform to manage all port related costs under port cost management system.


PortDesk Mission:
Providing an e-platform to our clients around the world where each others’ requirements are facilitated for efficient trade worldwide. Our innovative integrated system aims to offer you with world-class services of the marine industry.
PortDesk Vision
We are dedicated to manage the costs of our clients by simplifying various procedures using digitalized data. This ensures better cost analysis by improving efficiency and providing better utility of your expenses.
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We take pride when our clients shell out less

PortDesk application is now available on Google Play Store. Download Now !

PortDesk Compliance

  • sanctions

    Trade & Economic Sanctions

    We conduct a manual screening of all customers, agents, vessels, and transactions to safeguard the business interest of our clients.
  • verification

    Bank Account Verification

    We ensure that our client pays only to legitimate suppliers through a background verification check with our relationship manager.
  • anti-corruption

    Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Corruption

    All the invoices are closely examined by us and the products or services associated with them.
  • credential


    • IT System
    • Our company s iso-9001 certified which ensure customer data is highly secure with us
    • SSL certification to avoid anti theft and virus attack
    • Cloud based virtual server
  • friendly


    PortDesk process is very simple and user friendly which save operational time and cost while taking control on Port disbursement account and many vendors appointment.

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