About Us

PortDesk is a world class e-procurement platform for the Marine &Shipping Industry.Here, we follow a simple proposition. It enables Charterers, Owners, and Operators tofind the best suppliers for their services (Agency, Towage, Launch, Survey, and Marine Supply) easily, trade efficiently and build trusted client relationships. While working with us, Buyers tend to speed up their procurement process and save money as well. PortDesk also works on the reverse chain by helping the suppliers serve customers in a more efficient manner. We also guide our suppliers to find the potential clients while exploring new market across the globe.

Buyers- Owner, Operator, Charterers
Key advantages :

Our clients can benefit from our supplier optimization and procurement KPI solutions including the new Supplier Recommendations tool which assesses your expenditures and allows you to reduce costs on various heads.

PortDesk works with Unique IT enabled software services which help ship-owners, managers, Operators, Charterers to reduce OPEX in categories such as:

  • Marine Supply
  • Services Providers
  • Towage Providers
  • Port Agencies
  • Bunker procurement
Our main functions include :
  • Reduction of operating time by 20%
  • Gain access to business intelligence
  • Make critical procurement decisions
How You Achieve Opex Reductions
  • Process Automation- Reduce costs | Improve data accuracy | All from your existing procurement system
  • Increased productivity - more vessels per purchaser and time freed up for more value added tasks
  • Business Analytics -Actionable business intelligence
  • Track and benchmark your costs to see when and where to focus your procurement
  • Supplier KPIs and comparisons to inform your negotiations
  • Employee productivity improvements (fewer data errors)
What We Give Our Clients :
  • Market recognition strategies
  • Explore new market
  • Brand and quote management
  • High customer retention
  • More RFQs and purchase order of your services
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Highly efficient value chains
For Services provider like Towage, Launch Hire, Port Agent, Marine Services and many more.

All service providers like towage provider, agents, launch service provider, surveyors, marinesuppliers can avail “FREE” listing of their services on PortDesk for a designated period of time. This will ensure the buyers(Operator, Owner, manager, Charterers) proper monitoring of these service providers so that they automate their entire procurement cycle in order to reduce the operating time by 20% with a remarkable reduction in costs.

Additionally, we will also be offering KPI based rating for the service providers. This will help them achieve the services which will be highlighted to each buyer for their performance. This system will guide them in getting greater market insights in the shipping industry.

Suppliers working with us would get :

  • Effective solutions to build their brands
  • Improve their quote and win rate
  • Get more RFQs with buyers globally
"We believe in serving our clients better by minimizing their costs while maximizing their profits by incorporating highly efficient software and worldclass business acumen in the value chain."

Transparency in Operations

The founders of PortDesk strongly believe in work ethics which are built upon transparency of operations. With the clarity of our working activities and complete transparency in the services we provide, we are able to build a stronger and dedicated relationship with our clients.

Standardized Procedure

We administer services to operators located in different parts of the world. With standardized procedures, we are able to ensure that our best practices are extended to every personnel in the Shipping industry. While the system can be customized as per individual's requirements, the fundamentals of PortDesk remains the same, assuring a well-balanced solution for all our clients.

Proper Communication

We make sure that all information regarding updates in tariffs, charges and new facilities are shared with our clients so that they have complete knowledge about any changes in the costs. This helps our clients avoid any unwanted situation where they pay for the groundless charges.

Ensuring Compliance

We secure intensive measures to ensure that PortDesk manually safeguards all the customers, agents, vessels and their transactions to make sure that the business interests of our clients are well-protected.

"Providing an e-platform to our clients around the world where each others’ requirements are facilitated for efficient trade worldwide. Our innovative integrated system aims to offer you with world-class services of the marine industry"

"We are dedicated to manage the costs of our clients by simplifying various procedures using digitalized data. This ensures better cost analysis by improving efficiency and providing better utility of your expenses"

PortDesk application is now available on Google Play Store. Download Now !


"Integrated Maritime Solutions"